Corporate Brand Management 1

Course Description

This course covers the strategic and instrumental perspective of Marketing. Central topics are Brand Management and Communications. Thus, this course also deepens the lecture «Grundlagen des Markenmanagements» and «International Marketing». Content of the course:

1.Corporate brand based view of the firm (CBBV)

2.Brand and reputation guided stakeholder management

3.State-of-the-art product brand management

General information

ECTS 4.5
Language English
Pre-Requisites Completion of BSc
Assessment Written exam, 90 minutes (open book)
Lecturer Marco Casanova
Assistant -

Time Schedule

Dates & Place

23.02.2018 - tbd

09.03.2018 - tbd

20.04.2018 - tbd

27.04.2018 - tbd

11.05.2018 - tbd

25.05.2018 - tbd

Each day from 09:15-12:00 and 13:15-16:00


Week 22 (90 minutes, open book)

Week 37 (90 minutes, open book)

Lecture notes & scripts

The password for accessing the lecture notes download page will be displayed during the first lecture. In case you weren't able to attend the first lecture you are kindly requested to help yourself by asking fellow students or having a look at the information board at the marketing department (Engehaldenstrasse 4).