International Consumer Behavior

Course Description

This course will examine the key aspects of consumer behavior which are defined as the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, time, and ideas by decision making units. Furthermore, it will examine the important implications these processes have for retailing.

Included are topics such as the importance of consumer behavior in retailing; information processing; decision making and store choice (both high effort and low effort); customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction and customer service; attitude change and retail advertising; personality and life styles; culture, social class, and demographics; and the future of retailing. In addition, implications for retailing strategy (especially marketing communications) are stressed throughout.

General information

Language English
Pre-Requisites Completion of BSc
Application Application for the exam via KSL
Assessment written exam

The exam lasts 90 minutes. The answers can be written in English or German. The only appliances you are allowed to use are writing utensils and a dictionary.
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Wayne Hoyer
Assistant Dr. Andrea Kähr

Time Schedule

The course will take place during the regulat semester dates HS18. Exact dates of the course will be available in August 2018. Please consult this page for the updates.

Course Registration:

Information for course registration will follow later.

Lecture notes & scripts

The password for accessing the lecture notes download page will be displayed during the first lecture. In case you weren't able to attend the first lecture you are kindly requested to help yourself by asking fellow students or having a look at the information board at the marketing department (Engehaldenstrasse 4).