Strategic Digital Marketing

Course Description

This course will combine theoretical and practical insights on strategic digital marketing. Developing a digital marketing strategy lies at the core of business success. Companies that are good in developing and managing their presence along various digital channels have a strategic advantage over their less “digitally savvy” rivals. Starting with the situation analysis, the course will cover the topics of online targeting and positioning and digital communication strategy development along the RACE communication framework. The course will offered be in a flipped classroom format. It will include online video materials along with practical sessions and project work. At the end of the course, the students will pitch their digital marketing plan.

General information

Type of Course Elective Master course
ECTS 4.5 (= 3 SWS)
Language English
Pre-Requisites Completion of BSc
Assessment Digital marketing pitch (presentation) and digital marketing plan (written thesis)
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Harley Krohmer
KSL 458419

Time Schedule

Lecture dates Fri, 26.02.2021 09:15-12:00, Zoom-Meeting (Kick-Off)  
  Fri, 19.03.2021 10:15-15:00, Zoom-Meeting  
  Fri, 16.04.2021 10:15-15:00, Zoom-Meeting  
  Fri, 07.05.2021 10:15-15:00, Zoom-Meeting  
  Fri, 21.05.2021 10:15-13:00, Zoom-Meeting - Digital Marketing Pitch  

Prerequisites and admission

Prerequisites: Completed bachelor's degree.
Course registration: The course registration/cancellation is via KSL.
Registration starts next week until 05.03.2021, no registration needed to paricipate in the Kick-Off Meeting.
Additional information Please register for the lecture in KSL to access the materials (access to ILIAS is granted automatically after registration).